I am going away on holidays, what should I look for in a boarding kennel?

Dogs have sometimes come back from some kennels in a very poor physical and mental condition. So if you have decided to board your dog you should choose a kennel very carefully to ensure that your pet has an equally positive, happy, healthy and enjoyable a holiday as you do. 

Where to look:
  • Friends – word of mouth referral from happy owners is the best!
  • Your local vet
  • Dog training schools and clubs
  • Pet shops
  • Yellow pages
 First impressions when you ring
  • Are they friendly? [If not, go elsewhere!]
  • Will they talk to you about your concerns?
  • Do they answer your questions about level of attention?
 When you visit [always do so as a place can sound better than it actually is!] look for:
  • Happy healthy dogs
  • Clean fresh water
  • Clean runs
  • Professional friendly staff
 Questions to ask about exercise and play time
    • Are the dogs exercised daily, if so for how long?
    • Where are they exercised? How large is the exercise area?
    • Is it concrete or grass? Do they offer a choice of joint or single exercise?
    • Do they provide a variety of dog toys? What sort? 
Questions to ask about food
  • What is fed and when is it fed?
  • Do they leave food out if it is not eaten immediately?
  • What do they do if, due to a change of environment, a dog won’t eat?
  • Do they weigh their dogs regularly to make sure that a good weight is maintained?
 Questions to ask about accommodation
  • How many dogs does the kennel look after at its maximum capacity?
  • Do dogs share accommodation? If so, on what basis are roommates selected?
  • Is there an indoor and outdoor section to the run? How large is the run area?
  • Is the indoor section protected from the weather?
  • Is bedding provided? Is bedding off the ground?
  • How are the kennels cleaned? Do they hose down while the dog is still in the kennel?
 Questions to ask about the kennels pre-requisites
  • Are all dogs vaccinated and certificates shown before entry?
  • Are all dogs on a flea treatment that kills fleas on contact?
  • Are all dogs on all wormer for whip, hook, round and tapeworm?
  • Do they ask for other relevant information about your pet (e g. afraid of thunderstorms)?
  • What specialist care do they offer for elderly dogs, timid or frightened pets, and dogs suffering from separation anxiety, overweight dogs?
  • Does the kennel have a vet on call?

 Reference: Akuna Care P/L (⇔click here for more information)

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