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  14. TAGteach = Teaching (People) with Accoustical Guidance ('Tag' don't 'Nag')
  15. "Coaches tell you what you did wrong, the clicker tells you what you did right" - 4th grade gymnast
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  19. Teach your dog to walk on a treadmill – without the use of force or restraint.
  20. Nail trim - how to get an anxious dog to be calm & accepting
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  22. Counting golf balls
  23. Rally O - running a course
  24. Clicker Expo
  25. Teaching your dog to climb a ladder
  26. Rehabilitating abused and aggressive ex-fighting ring Pit Bulls that have been rescued from illegal European dog fighting rings
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  29. Assistance dog training - Tugging Part 2 : Train Your Service Dog to Pull off Clothing, Bedding etc
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  32. Assistance dog training - Mind Games for Dogs: Shell Scent Game
  33. Dr Ian Dunbar - veterinary behaviourist - on the meaning of "dog friendly" training
  34. A doggy Christmas surprise - Karácsonyi kutyás meglepetés
  35. Operant conditioning for humans - Positive Reinforcement
  36. Népszigeti Kutyaiskola Bemutatója - Eurodogshow 2008
  37. Teaching the target mat - from Kay Laurence's Learning About Dogs in UK
  38. Clicker Challenge & Talent Show at Kay Laurence's Learning About Dogs, UK, Nov 2009
  39. Brilliant training clips by Dr Sophie Yin, author of "How To Behave So Your Dog Behaves"
  40. Australian Vet Dr Ian Billinghurst's Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet - BARF
  41. Highlights from British Dog Trainer Victoria Stillwell' s "It's Me or The Dog" USA TV series (90 different clips)
  42. Delta Society Australia is a charity that produces some of the leading accredited dog trainers in Australia
  43. An excellent confidence building way to teach "LEAVE IT" without the usual intimidation of 'Ah Ah'
  44. Loose lead walking - an excellent way to teach it
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  46. An introduction to Clicker Training (Part 2) with Honey the Great Dane
  47. An introduction to Clicker Training (Part 3) with Honey the Great Dane
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